Blackberry Cobbler (Dairy-free, Gluten-free and almost Paleo!)




Today I picked 2 pounds of blackberries from my own backyard. My skin was destroyed in the process but it was well worth it to get the goods. I froze half of the berries and decided to make a healthier version of Blackberry Cobbler with the rest. This cobbler turned out delicious! The topping melts in your mouth as the berries add a subtle pop! Continue reading


Oh em gee! Red and Sweet Potato Salad

After hard-boiled egg mania (No Green Yolks Says Sam I am- Hard Boiled Perfection) I was left with an abundance of eggs. “What to do with all of these eggs?” I thought to myself. I undoubtedly could devour them in one sitting but my pseudo-conscience got the best of me. It was then that I decided to make a Paleo-ish/ clean eating version of potato salad! This super yummy potato salad incorporated both yams and red potatoes. For strict Paleo diets you can eliminate the red potatoes and double the yams/sweet potatoes.

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